Current Projects

VideoSquid are proud to present “fame money game” to our list of projects. The song was produced and performed by Jahna Sebastian. The “Fame Money Game” music video was  shot at “The Arc” studios by VideoSquid. The video was filmed over 3 days and we have finished production on this video. We hope you enjoy the music video.

The video was directed by Alex J Riley and supported by Jack Rivero-Guy. The team thoroughly enjoyed working with Jahna and the collection of actors on set. Our thanks go out to Susy Payne who choriographed the dance sequence and was able to take ideas from the team to adapt into the dance.

The whole video was created at “The Arc” in caterham and all sets were created in phase two. The Arc team and other members of the caterham community helped to be extras within the video and made a huge difference to the look of the video.

Jahna Sebastian is origanally from Russia and is a singer/songwritter. She is founder of music production company “Multivision Music”. During the production of the video Jahna was very energetic and easy to work with. Everyone that worked with us had fun and enjoyed the three days in which we filmed the music video.

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