The Team

The VideoSquid team have been working together for over 3 years. The team consists of 2 members that are experienced and talented at what they do. Filming for the team has been a wondeful experience taking them to new places and enjoying the complements given by there clients.

On production the VideoSquid team are “fun” and “enthusiastic” about what you want to achieve. They allow you space to be creative while helping you along the way. If your new to filming and/or the production process, VideoSquid will help you understand each aspect as your production progresses.

If you want a video production company that are reliable and can offer great results, then VideoSquid can achieve that. If you are interested in knowing more about the team please send in your questions on our “contact us” page or by using Facebook and Twitter.

Please feel free to look at each of the VideoSquid team members pages. There you can gain more of an understanding of how each member contributes to the team, and what they enjoy most about there roles.